Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Working in the world of Hotels!

Ladies and Gentelmen...Hotel's are not that tough!

I have been working in this industry now a very long time.  I have worked with the best and I have worked with some of the worst, but when a "Resort" decides that it wants to take on the task of hosting 700+ hoteliers in thier establishment...you come to expect a couple of things. These are in no particular order , so don't think that I am ranking importance.

1. Staffing - For the love of god, have enough staff to handle any and all situations...700+ owners, managers, consultants, and sponsors are coming to your hotel and they will all have needs.

2. Amenities - Don't tell me that the buisness center is closed due to no one to watch it...WTF.  But they would be more than happy to give me a complimentary 4 hours of internet service for my troubles.  I didn't nee the F***ING internet..I needed to print SH*T for meeting that day.  Do you think the Front Desk could accomodate me...NOPE!

3. Clean Rooms - This is what I thought was the biggest JOKE.  These people are supposed to be one of the leaders in resort and Casino Management...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Hairs all over the bathroom floor, tears in the sheets on both of the beds (Awesome!), and a big nasty stain in not one but all of the towels in the room.  Someone's F***ing head should have rolled for that.

This is just a taste of what I faced on my most recent trip up and down the East Coast...I will keep the resorts name to myself just for the fact it was embarassing.

I open the doors for anyone to respond and share your horror stories as it related to the last time you stayed in a hotel.

I don't want good things, I am looking for what you think is the "Worst Possible Thing Ever".


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